The World Health Organization (WHO) as well as a plethora of scientific studies identifies many adverse effects of employee stress on the business.

Our professional and personal development seminar series are designed to make individuals on all levels of organizational hierarchy become more aware of themselves, others, as well as of interpersonal dynamics and organizational processes. Included in the series will be suggestions for interventions to inject psychological and physical health into the organization to achieve the following:

  • Healthier ways of coping with stress
  • Stronger team cohesion
  • Transform conflict into a positive force
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • ●      Excellent customer service
  • Increased customer commitment
  • Excellent organizational image

Hence, the titles of our seminars / workshops are:

  1. Work Stress, Anxiety and Coping
  2. How to Improve Our Relationships With Our Colleagues
  3. Understanding and Transforming Interpersonal Conflict at work
  4. Emotional Intelligence at Work
  5. Job Satisfaction: An integral Component for Commitment in any Successful Organization
  6. Multiculturalism and Diversity at work
  7. Psychology of Individual Differences at Work
  8. How to Prevent Sexual Harassment
  9. Wellbeing at Work and Nutrition
  10. Wellbeing at Work and Exercise
  11. How to be a Great Leader in an Organization
  12. Leadership Challenges During Difficult Times: How to Embrace Ambiguity, Chaos, and Uncertainty and Turn Them Into Strengths
  13. Fundamentals of Supervision: How to Give Constructive Feedback
  14. How to Build a Healthy, Productive Team at Work
  15. The Psychology of Customer Service
  16. Compassion Fatigue: How to Maintain YourEmotional Reserves When You Have Taken the Role of the Emotional Caregiver of Your Coworkers
  17. Public Speaking in the Business World
  18. Health check-ups and Routine Preventive Healthcare
  19. Couples Seminars