Guardian Angel App

“Guardian Angel” (GA) is an innovative, unique and state-of-the-art mobile health app that focuses on stress management at work, lifestyle intervention, and the improvement of the users’ quality of life. The users download a friendly app on their mobile phone or tablet and complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Whenever they feel like it, they could update their health/mood profile on the app. The App will have features to “listen” to the surrounding ‘noise’ and assess changes in mood from ‘reading’ face expressions of the user. At a later stage of the app development, the users will also have the option to connect to a wearable device, which will monitor real-time vital signs, movement, and sleep patterns.

The information provided will be sent real time to the Guardian Angel complex intervention platform. The application shall be feeding the users with tailor-made holistic advice in 6 main categories of care: clinical, psychological, social, cognitive, physical and nutritional. In cases of emergency, an alert could be sent to the user’s designated person (e.g. doctor, nurse, parent, caregiver etc.). As said, the main aim of the app is to monitor the stress levels of the user through a whole-person approach.

In addition to personalized interventions, the app will also produce assessment and graphs of the users’ stress levels. It should be stressed that the confidentiality of the user shall be a top priority and that the end results on stress shall be aggregated. 

You can find out more information about “Guardian Angel” app on its dedicated website here.

Guardian Angel Mobile Health App at a Glance: