Personal Health Coaching for Managers

This service involves 45-minute on-site sessions. Managers opting for this service benefit from the coaching of both a psychologist and a physician. The sessions are recommended for managers, who run teams of more than 50 employees. The effect of the joint consultations (mental and physical health assessment and support) is significant and much higher than in the case of a single consultation.

This personalized service includes motivational interviews, personal lifestyle interventions, stress management, disease prevention strategies, managing of difficult employees etc. The sessions are carried out face-to-face and have an immediate impact on the individual’s health and productivity.

Productivity Benefits Analysis of eHipp Interventions

This very valuable service calls for pre and post-intervention data collection. The data collection process will involve an accessible, survey open to all staff and managers of an organization over several weeks. The pre-intervention survey will provide a baseline examination of the strength of wellbeing, psychological safety, organizational compassion, negative work acts (harassment and bullying) and burnout present in the organization. This data can also be correlated against hard performance indicators, such as staff turnover, sick-leave, and compensation claims.

The findings will indicate which areas of training are most relevant for different divisions within the organization. The training intervention is thereby not only data-driven but can also be targeted. A data-driven approach gives legitimacy to the training in the eyes of the participants, knowing that it has been crafted in response to employees’ own indications of the current state of wellbeing within the organization. The post-intervention data collection will facilitate verifying the effectiveness of the yearlong intervention. Key deliverables (in addition to the training) will be a graphically illustrated write-up of the findings of both data collection phases, along with solid recommendations for health and productivity improvements.

This service shall be operated in collaboration with WellCom Research Team at UTS Australia, in collaboration with Dr. Ace Simpson, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior Management Discipline Group University of Technology, Sydney, and Dr. Ben Farr-Wharton, WellCom Research Network at UTS Business School, both members of our eHipp research team.